Canning is THE thing that has helped me save time as a busy, working mom at meal times.

Cracking open a jar of homemade tomato sauce that's already cooked, but still wholesome, delicious, and easily pleases my picky kids is key to staying sane on a work night.

Convenience-sized jars of home-canned applesauce in my daughter's lunchbox means she's eating something healthy at lunch instead of processed, cavity-causing, store bought junk.

Crisp carrot pickles as an afternoon snack mean vibrant veggies year round, and apple butter makes a not too sweet addition to toast or PB&J sandwiches.

Best Berry Jam removes a lot of seeds, adds a ton of flavor, and is a mild berry blend; and it is a quick cook jam too!

Strawberry Kiwi Lemonade Concentrate is an unconventional recipe that allows you to serve something delicious and refreshing that's not the dreaded soda and the best part is it is customizable- you can pour a tiny bit into a toddler's cup so they feel like a big kid and cut the rest with water and they'll never know the difference!

The vibrant color shines, the sunny flavor sings and begs to be served at a birthday party, and I'll never tell if you mix up a Mama Drink with a shot of vodka after a long day ;)

This PDF has clear water bath canning instructions in EVERY recipe that explain STEP-BY-STEP how to create these easy, delicious, healthy recipes.