Dive into these 5 easy, fun, and beautiful giant yarn crochet projects that can be completed quickly with dreamy and satisfying giant yarn. The instructions are written in easy-to-understand plain English, so you can succeed even if you've never read a crochet pattern before.

Get ready to start and finish these projects!

Patterns Included:

  • Felted Yarn Basket
  • Thick and Thin Throw Blanket
  • GIANT Yarn Throw (Like what you've seen on Pinterest!)
  • Giant Yarn Baby Blanket
  • The BEST Giant Yarn for Scarfs, Blankets, and More-Scarf Pattern

Ebook also includes helpful links to the recommended giant yarn artisans and giant hooks you'll need to craft these projects at lightening speed and photographs and diagrams to help you see exactly what your project should look like at every step of the creation process.