Are you an aspiring canner who wants to create jam, salsa, or applesauce in under an hour?


Enjoying homemade jam spread on a piece of toast in the morning

Feeding your kids the applesauce you made (without a ton of added sugar) rather than the sugary snacks that keep them up all night & cause cavities

Giving your friends pretty jars of the salsa you made just for them

Impressing your friends with your tomato jam and brie appetizer the next time they come over

Even an aspiring canner can make jam, salsa, and canned veggies and fruit in under an hour!

My recipes show you how to make REAL food in way less time than you think!

Imagine your family and friends reaction when you serve them things like:

  • Fall spice applesauce
  • Tomato jam
  • Ranch style salsa
  • Strawberry jam



·Equipment checklist

·Stovetop guide

·Elevation adjustment guide

·Canning season planner with pantry checklist

Get started canning and I GUARANTEE you will find it easier than you think!