It's easier than you think!

You, too, can easily learn how to take in season strawberries and preserve them so you can enjoy the fresh taste even in the dead of winter!

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Ever gone to the farmer’s market and wished you could enjoy the fresh and delicious flavors all year long?

You've got a short time to enjoy the delicious taste of plump, juicy strawberries...

Unless you learn how to preserve your produce!

I’ve found a way to enjoy the taste of summer even in the coldest winter months! And it's easier than you can imagine!

My Strawberry Workshop gives you step by step instructions in a set of clear and concise videos. Learn how to safely and efficiently preserve your favorite fruits and vegetables.

And best of all...You can use the skills you learn for strawberries for nearly ANY produce! That means you can go to the farmer's market all summer and buy whatever produce you want!

Love peaches? Buy a flat and make canned peaches and peach jelly!

Pining over peppers? Buy a bag and make roasted pickled peppers and salsa.

Can't get enough apples? Buy a bundle and make apple butter, applesauce, and apple jelly.

And if you love the taste of fresh tomatoes, buy a bunch and make tomato sauce, salsa, and tomato jelly to enjoy all year long!

Inside this training (that's much easier than you think it is!), you will learn exactly how to make:

✔️ Strawberry jam

✔️ Strawberry rhubarb jam

✔️ Strawberry syrup

✔️ Strawberry butter

If you've ever wished you had a friend to invite you over to learn from their canning expertise...

I'm that friend. Come on over!

With step-by-step videos, simple recipes, and me showing you exactly what to do, you will be creating strawberry masterpieces within a couple of hours.

This video workshop is for new beginners- even those who don't cook- who want to learn how to preserve strawberry jam, syrup, and butter by water bath canning.

You're in the right place if you:

  • Want to feed your family and friends healthful foods that contains no BPA
  • Want to make breakfast easier
  • Love giving thoughtful hostess gifts your friends actually want
  • Want to learn how to make a variety of preserved foods without spending a whole day on it

This course is designed for a total newbie who wants to be transformed into a self-assured canner. Canning is cooking in advance and is one of the most practical things you can learn for feeding yourself and your loved ones.

Devour the course in just one weekend, or savor slowly. You’ll learn safe preserving processes, how to use the tools you’ll need, and be on your way to preserving a wide variety of healthy, delicious foods.

Enroll now to learn how to begin canning delicious strawberries with confidence!