Canning in Half the Time:

For New & Experienced Preservers

This course will teach you how to take advantage of the new development in the canning world:

The Steam Canner!

This is the fastest, lightest way to can. Period.

Imagine being able to preserve fresh berries into jam- in just minutes- to be enjoyed months later.

Think about serving your kids little glass jars of wholesome, organic applesauce and crisp, healthy dilly beans that you made yourself in almost no time at all!

Wouldn't it be awesome to preserve pickled veggies and fruit butters that were kid-friendly and hors d'oeuvres plate ready?

What about having your favorite foods ready for wherever the road or wind takes you? Allergen-free, shelf-stable for up to a year, in super-sturdy mason jars:

Canning with a steam canner can make all that a reality.

This workshop will teach you how canning is WAY faster than you thought possible!

Canning is FAST, easy, and practical for a modern, busy home and this course will teach you exactly how to use a steam canner to save you TIME and money.

You'll learn how to COOK IN ADVANCE and preserve delicious, ready-to-eat, healthy foods QUICKLY in a steam canner.

In addition to learning you how to use this newly USDA & National Center For Home Food Preservation approved steam canner, you will learn how to make and can a super special cranberry lemon jam that is gift-able, & perfect for beginners.

This lesson also demonstrates TWO different ways of processing for a super smooth jam.

Steam canners use just 2 1/2 quarts of water, as opposed to the 4+ quarts required for water bath canners.

This is a huge advantage for those canners who:

-Live in an RV or sailboat- store canned foods in a dark, cool spot!

-Suffer from an illness or disability that makes it difficult to lift over 10 pounds

-Used to be able to can but cannot due to surgery, health, or living conditions

-Are conserving energy- solar or propane users especially!

-Are canning below 7000 feet elevation

-Live in a small space- hello tiny houses!

Strawberry jam or carrot pickles (which are just a few of MANY quick recipes) would be DONE in under 20 minutes!

Steam canners are an affordable alternative to a water bath canning set up.

Steam canners are about $40, but you don't have to purchase a separate trivet or wire rack, or a jar lifter... but the greatest savings is TIME.

Steam canners come to a boil in 5 minutes (you'll see exactly how fast in the video!) and a big enamel canning pot comes to a boil after 30 minutes at LEAST...if not longer!

This course will teach a brand new beginner OR an experienced canner how to use this new time saver to add more wholesome, homemade foods to their diet in under half the time of a traditional water bath canner.