IMAGINE if your guests arrive and you're able to hand them the most gorgeous cocktail that you made for them in just a few minutes.

Learn how to craft simple, fresh, and delicious cocktail mixers using

  • easy low or no cook techniques
  • recipes from yesteryear and
  • ingredient combinations you'll find in the grocery store aisle or farmer's market.

You know that awful, nervous feeling when it is your turn to host book club, help organize a graduation party, arrange a bridal shower or invite your in laws over for drinks?

Or are you the one in the family that gets nominated to host company, even though it is definitely not your turn nor your idea of a good time?

Your house is a wreck, your couch may or may not double as a dog bed, and you have zero idea of how to feed and water all these people. You feel unprepared, uninspired, and a bit at a loss as to how to make your guests feel like they are attending a special event. You are afraid they'll leave feeling (knowing!) as if you were on edge the entire time.

You'd like to be one of those hostess you see on the cover of a magazine: calm, smiling, serving brilliant, gem-colored drinks, with a wholesome meal cooking somewhere out of sight.

I can't help with the messy house, but I can definitely help with the drink menu.

Are you ready to be the hostess that everyone can't stop complimenting?

Knowing what to serve a crowd of guests or just yourself after a long day will be a breeze after you take this course.

I teach step-by-step, super simple recipes, no or low cook preserves, and easy techniques that you can learn in minutes.

Have you seen the ingredient list on the bottle of boring ol' margarita mix from the grocery store shelf?

Ugh, I have and it ain't pretty. Those ingredients that you can't pronounce, the chemicals you read about in health magazines and hear about in the news...yeah, they are in your cocktail glass. Don't even get me started on the artificial coloring...yikes! You want to be able to relax with a tasty drink, not worry about the red dye giving you cancer AND staining your teeth!

Even if you aren't interested in health, you probably are interested in the shape of your wallet. Drinking can get expensive in a hurry, and in some locations, it is very costly to go out for an evening of drinks. Making cocktails yourself is way less expensive, which means you have more money for a fun outfit, a gift for the bachelorette, or to splurge on a higher quality bottle of spirits to accompany your homemade mixers.

Everything is better homemade. Everything.

Cocktail mixers are no exception. The drinks you see on this page were made with fruit and veggies I got for cheap at the Thursday Farmer's Market in my little town and with berries I picked myself. Simple, low tech, and fast, these gems are beautiful to behold, there's no denying it. Those colors are 100% real- no photo magic here.

Get ready to accept a ton of compliments,

Miss Hostess with the Most-ess.

Imagine feeling PROUD of the beverages you were serving to company, instead of uncertain, embarrassed, unprepared, or at best, underwhelmed.

The recipes, techniques, and flavor combinations in Wildflower Mixology are completely unlike the saccharine sweet daiquiri or boring old margarita mixes from the supermarket shelves. They are called craft cocktails for a reason.

Be prepared to impress everyone, including yourself.

Life is full of reasons to celebrate.

This course will help you bring joy to

  • engagements
  • graduations
  • births
  • weddings
  • home purchases
  • new jobs
  • new pets
  • new clothes
  • old friends
  • dream chasing
  • problem solving
  • and so much more!